03/15/2012 12:02pm  NS Conrail "Heritage" ES44 released  Rob Sarberenyi

Apparently the first of Norfolk Southern's "Heritage" locomotives has been released. Posted on the Heritagelocomotives forum was a link to a not-so-great photo uploaded to rrpicturearchives.net (sorry Stan) of the Conrail "Heritage" ES44 #8098

Let this be a challenge to you east coast photographers: get out there and shoot a LocoPhotos worthy image to post here! Heck, you might even be the first to do so.

Guess this means the other NS "Heritage" locos will be forthcoming before too long...

03/15/2012 12:18pm  RE: NS Conrail  Erik Edmonds

Wow thats nice

03/15/2012 12:45pm  RE: NS Conrail  Albert Black

Interesting they choose one of the very recent fallen flags to do first instead of something a little more "thrown back". Guess they figure there's still several CR guys in the photo room that know how to decal a CR engine. I'm guessing they're going to use small "NS" under the numbers to denote ownership of these endangered species?

03/15/2012 4:26pm  RE: NS Conrail  Bill Miller

My bet says the first whining we hear will be that the nose lettering is too small or the cab number font is wrong. Folks should just be happy NS is doing this at all.

03/15/2012 4:28pm  RE: NS Conrail  Bill Miller

Wouldn't it be funny if someone missed the memo and when 8098 inevitably gets to Chattanooga they run it through the paint shop because it's Conrail unit !

03/15/2012 9:32pm  RE: NS Conrail  Mike Lockwood

Heh, CR 8098 is supposed to be a GP38-2 ;-)

03/15/2012 9:41pm  RE: NS Conrail  Collin Reinhart

There is a small "NS" under the number.

03/16/2012 8:51am  RE: NS Conrail  Bill Miller


03/16/2012 9:05am  RE: NS Conrail  Barry Byington

Looks just fine to me. Kudos to NS for this program; what an act of class!


03/16/2012 9:28am  RE: NS Conrail  Collin Reinhart

Nice to see that they have added Penn Central to the list. Its going to be a SD70ACe, painted by EMD and the original NS is now going to be a ES44AC.

03/16/2012 9:47am  RE: NS Conrail  Mike Lockwood

Very sharp looking unit. Nice that it's in the 'original' Conrail image, not the Quality image.

03/16/2012 11:02am  RE: NS Conrail & Penn Central Heritage units  Rob Sarberenyi

Now THAT'S a LocoPhotos quality image, as posted on the NS official corporate website (can be enlarged)


Also, NS officially announced the Penn Central "Heritage" unit, also as posted on the NS corporate website


03/16/2012 3:18pm  RE: NS Conrail  Patrick Clark

Awesome paint scheme. But, does anybody see those HH SD40-2s rusting away on the left?

03/16/2012 5:04pm  RE: NS Conrail  Dustin Trejo

The only thing its missing is the red class lights

03/16/2012 6:42pm  RE: NS Conrail  Erik Edmonds

Yea thats nice... Hope to see this in person.

03/17/2012 8:25am  RE: NS Conrail  Sean Gulden

Those high hoods are straight SD40's, not Dash 2's. They've been sitting there for several years now. NS recently just sent a handful of them for scrap.

03/17/2012 11:16pm  RE: NS Conrail  Patrick Clark

Oh. They are? I heard about the scrap move from AltoonaWorks on Facebook. The odd thing is that they still had their MU cables, horns, bells, and smoe even had their number boards. I find it odd that they would not retrieve this from their units. Ah well. What NS wants, NS gets...

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