08/05/2009 6:41pm  GN 441...  David Anderson

For those of you who have a TO membership.

This has been an interesting story! It is currently in Sky Blue GN 441 paint!

Great Northern 441, formerly Utah Railway 9013 and originally ATSF 1910/5910/5960 (34046, 6/68), was rescued from the cutters torch at Metro East Industries in East St. Louis, Illinois , in July 2008. All internal components of any value including the prime mover, alternator, traction motor combos, fans, air compressor and radiators were removed at the time it was purchased from Helm Leasing. Last October it moved to RELCO Locomotives in Albia, Iowa, for restoration.

08/05/2009 6:43pm  RE: GN 441...  David Anderson

Try this one...

08/05/2009 7:37pm  RE: GN 441...  Stan Lytle

If you are not a "paying" subscriber to TrainOrders, you will not be able to view the full size images, you can only view the thumbnails. Sort of makes one appreciate a "free" website like LocoPhotos and RailcarPhotos.


08/05/2009 8:10pm  RE: GN 441...  Robert Forsstrom

Stan, I realize this is your website, and you are entitled to saying what you wish, but is that last comment really necessary?

The GN repaint looks fantastic, it is too bad the unit has been stuffed and mounted. I guess it is better than being scrapped.

08/05/2009 8:19pm  RE: GN 441...  David Goldsmith

Ease up on Stan. He is just reminding us how lucky we all are to have free sites like this one. I agree with him, and will be letting my T.O. account expire this year. For the price paid, what we get in return isn't all that much.

08/05/2009 8:40pm  RE: GN 441...  Scott Barr

I don't have an issue with him reminding folks. There's some people that put in a lot of time here so that we can enjoy our hobby (whatever it may be) and that should get some publicity once in awhile.

Keep up the good work guys..


08/05/2009 9:35pm  RE: GN 441...  Jim Gavin

I agree with Scott and David. Stan and the other guys put in a lot of work to make these two sites great. They don't receive a paycheck and if they want to give themselves a 'Well Done' once in a while, that's fine with me.


08/05/2009 9:41pm  RE: GN 441...  Larry Larson

Stan owns the site. Stan bought the website with his own money from the previous owner. He pays for the site server and hosting and whatever other related expenses out his pocket, all free of advertising and popups. And then he provides it free of charge to us. I do appreciate it. Thank you, Stan.

08/05/2009 10:45pm  RE: GN 441...  Stan Lytle

Stan, I realize this is your website, and you are entitled to saying what you wish, but is that last comment really necessary?



08/06/2009 1:23am  RE: GN 441...  Larry Gholson

I was a "heritage member" on TO. It seems the plug was pulled on us too, after we were supposed to always have limited access (able to post, but not view photos/video,etc) for free.

08/06/2009 7:53am  RE: GN 441...  Zack Hilton

I guess I need to pick up "Train Orders for dummies", because I don't see any thumbnails for the repainted GN 441.


08/06/2009 8:20am  RE: GN 441...  David Anderson

Login then try this one...


08/06/2009 2:16pm  RE: GN 441...  Robert Forsstrom

Well guess I'm shaking the wrong pom-poms in this thread. Back to silent image submissions then...

08/06/2009 4:39pm  RE: GN 441...  David Goldsmith

We're all adults here and can disagree without people getting their feelings hurt. No need to stop posting just because some of us share different opinions.

Everybody's input is appreciated.

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